Plastic Procedures and Periodontal and Perimplant Reconstruction




For Dentists
Lecturers: Dr. Julio Joly, Dr. Paulo Carvalho and Dr. Roberto da Silva.

  • 1º Module: 08 to 11 of June
  • 2º Module: 09 to 12 of November

Number of students:
25 to 30
* Course subject to change of date unless filling 50% of vacancies.
* 23% VAT must be added to the training fee.

Theoretical – Practical


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Objective: The balance between scientific support and the accumulation of clinical experience during 15 years of the ImplantPerio Group defines the rhythm of course activities, which intends to provide conceptual changes, philosophical and technical to planning and treatment protocols. The course activities involve classes of different chapters of Aesthetic Perio- Implantology as well as direct surgeries with transmission of details with all the technical steps.


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