Waxing with Meshmixer and 3D Printing




For Prosthesis Technicians and Dentists
Lecturers: Dr. João Fonseca Falcão and Dr. André Simões
Dates: 08 and 09 of May.
Number of students: 30
* Course subject to change of date unless filling 50% of vacancies.
* 23% VAT must be added to the training fee.

Theoretical – Demonstrative

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Objective: Dominate the language of 3D objects, to understand what they are, how to manipulate and know the diagnostic flux with a free software like Autodesk Meshmixer and the basics of 3D printing. These are the objectives of this course, focused on the clinic’s practical digitalization. There will be a hands-on digital waxing of six teeth and the conclusion of a model for 3D printing.


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