Training Center for Dentists, Prosthetists and Dental Assistants

We are reference in digital dentistry in Portugal




International Teachers

We are looking for big names in Dentistry and Dental Prosthesis in Portugal, Spain and Brazil.


Personalized Service

Your experience will be unique within the Oralplan Dental Training Center, where the adaptation and transition from analog to digital is in the DNA of the training center.


Spotless Installations

We have a space of 1,000m2 between the clinic, the laboratory and the training center. It accommodates up to 30 students and has a structure to broadcast live surgeries and organize practice classes in offices.


Digital Lab

Oralplan Inlab 3D Concept is the heart of the Oralplan group. The laboratory will be used for the application of practical training.


Prime Location

We are located off the A8 on the road towards Foz do Arelho, at the entrance to the city of Caldas da Rainha. A known landmark is in front of the Renault roundabout.


Schedule 2020

The Oralplan Dental Training Center already has its annual calendar starting in January 2020. Over the next year it will have 18 trainings in the most varied areas of dentistry.

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